Charter Management

What's involved

Charter management

What's involved


What’s involved when offering your yacht for charter with Perfect sailing?

We provide an excellent charter partnership program for owners. It is designed to be fair to both owner and ourselves equally. We respect it’s your yacht and you recognise our need to charter for mutual profit

A yacht in management with Perfect Sailing is primarily the owner’s yacht. The choice of yacht, layout, equipment and soft furnishgs can be discussed to create a balance of the best yacht from both owner’s and charterer’s perspective. Our philosophy has always been one to return a surplus to the owner.  We operate from a boutique, but inexpensive base, to help keep down the cost of moorings, a key reason many yachts do not cover their costs. We offer advice on what yacht characteristics produce the best revenue. A full financial evaluation of a proposed yacht in charter is provided, showing both revenue and expenditure, including maintenance, to help you make an informed choice.

The Perfect Sailing fleet is maintained at around ten yachts to keep our quality consistent. Mostly it is new yachts supplied by us which enter our fleet, but we are happy to discuss other possibilities. Close ties with leading brokers delivers the best price in the market, whilst avoiding VAT or equivalent. This alone can reduce the cost of a new yacht by 30% and sometimes even more. Currently we are seeking a four or five cabin yacht (48-55’) and catamarans around (40-45’).

Perfect Sailing maintain their fleet as if their own, and with a careful eye on costs. We believe in delivering a great experience for the owner and charterer alike. We are happy to put you in direct contact with any of our owners for their opinion.

It is is a big step and not to be undertaken without being fully informed. Contact us to arrange a meeting to discuss the exciting opportunity for us both.

At this time we are actively seeking yachts of 37-50′ and catamarans 40-47′ up to 6 years old.


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