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Latest News
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We were delighted that we were the first company to rebook for LBS2019, our opportunity to meet with clients old and new.

For us it was also an opportunity to meet our owners and discuss future plans, and to meet new owners considering a charter yavht purchase.

Naturally we were very disappointed to hear that LBS2019 has now been cancelled. The official line is that consultants contacted exhibitors who were not prepared to support the new 5 day show launched in 2018.

Our hope is that discussions will be held internally to bring the show back next year. In our view at a different location like the NEC for example, a more inclusive centrally located venue, not just those from the south coast.



Today saw the first launch of the season.

A big day, as it was also the first time we have launched a yacht since moving to the new base last year. Of course everything went well, we know the travel lift driver of old.

Next week Malabar and Serendip also get launched as the first charter is 30 April, not long to go now.


New ISO standard for charter - 15 March 2018

Late February a new ISO standard was released specifically for charter operators. 

The new standard ISO 20410 covers all aspects of chartering from the booking right through to the handback at the end of the charter. Crucially it also covers the standards of safety and equipment that should be onboard and briefings for operation, most of which is part of the existing ‘coding’ regulations. All commercial UK flagged yachts have to meet ‘Code’ in the UK, unlike anywhere else in the world. Whether it gets picked up by European charter operators remains to be seen, as it is not mandatory. 

The good news is Perfect Sailing are proud to announce that our operation complies with the new standard, and we will promote its virtues to our competitors, if they’ll listen!

See the new code here: ISO 20410



London Boat Show 2018 - January 2018

Once again Perfect Sailing were there!

This years event had a unique new factor, the show ran only for 5 days, not the usual 10. Happily, we found we were busier than in previous years. We’ve already booked for 2019, see you there!

Our 2-4-1 offer was particularly well received. Charter yachts are normally quiet for the first few weeks of the season, but a yacht for half price was an offer just too good to miss, especially as the weather here in April is similar to late May in the UK. One of our yachts is now completely full for the early season. There are a few weeks still available for October for those wanting a 2-4-1, Call us.

See London Boat Show here:



If you need more information before booking, then please get in touch with us at the ‘Contact Us’ button, and we will be happy to provide the information about yachts, bases, and any area information.

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