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subglider-reviews-3"Watching video was the first thing I did after I discovered Subglider. Looked interesting but for an adrenaline junky like me way too slow. Above water 3 knots are really nothing special, but under water with Subglider it feels totally different. Great stuff! Must try!"
James, 33 years

"In a million years I have never thought I'll ever fly under water. Since always I had fear of depths. Subglider helped me to manage my fear and now »flying« excites me. It's so easy and feels safe because I'm the one controlling it. Feels extraordinary."
Jane, 45 years


"My classmate published Subglider video on his Facebook. It looked so cool and I immediately wanted to try. I was afraid what my parents will say. Now I'm glad I showed them video, cos now our whole family enjoys it. Even my mom!"
Jack, 13 years

"As a company CEO I organize my employees teambuilding every year. Last year we headed to sea side and all tried Subglider. We strengthened team spirit in a new more adrenaline way. It was such fun that they are all asking me to repeat subgliding this year."
Emil, 48 years


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