1. How to attach an action camera to the Subglider?

  • All types of action cameras can be attached to the Subglider. The most common model is the GoPro Hero. It is important that the camera has a waterproof case to a depth of 40m. Action cameras can be attached in various ways: directly to Subglider, which already has attachments for installing the camera;
  • using an arm, which is installed directly on the Subglider. Attach the camera to the arm and record your efforts from the side. The arm used for attaching action cameras must be purchased separately. Click here to purchase it;
  • if you want to take action shots from the front, you can purchase a plate and attach it to a rope situated approx. 1.5 m before Subglider. You can order the plate here. You can also attach an arm to the plate to obtain an even better recording angle.

2. I am buying Subglider, what else do I need?

The Subglider, which can be ordered from, is delivered in a set containing everything you need for immediate use (including the tow rope). The only things missing are a boat, a swimsuit and a mask.

3. What are the age limits and health restrictions for the use of Subglider?

Subglider can be used by perfectly healthy adults who are capable of free diving. Children younger than 18 years can use the Subglider under the supervision of their parents or other guardians. It is recommended that every user consults his or her physician before using Subglider.

4. How should the Subglider be maintained?

The Subglider and all other products from the Subglider programme should be rinsed with clean fresh water, dried and stored in a dry place after each use. The storage of a wet product can cause the growth of mould. It is not recommended to store it in sunlight or in an open area.

5. What is the warranty policy?

Subglider and other products have a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty. Normal wear and tear is not considered a complaint.

6. To what depth can I dive with Subglider?

You can dive to a depth of 2.5 m. It is not recommended to dive to greater depths, as there is a danger of accident or injury. If you use a 30 m-long tow rope, it is possible to dive to a depth of 10m, but bear in mind that this is very risky and dangerous.

7. What about accident insurance?

The use of a Subglider is considered an extreme sport and is thus not covered by common accident insurance. Check the detailed conditions of how to insure free diving with your insurance company.

8. Can I use compressed air or other gas mixtures when diving with the Subglider?

You should never use compressed air or other gas mixtures (Nitrox, Trimix, etc.) when diving with a Subglider. It is life threating.

9. Can I attach underwater fishing guns to the Subglider?

No. Subglider is not intended for underwater fishing. It is intended solely for personal entertainment and underwater acrobatics to a depth of 2.5 m.

10. Can the Subglider be used at night?

No. Subglider should never be used at night.

11. What is the weight of Subglider?

Subglider weighs 5 kg. Since it floats on water, you will not feel its weight when using it.